Xiomara Garcia

Xiomara Garcia, Real Estate Consultant

Years of Experience
7 Years

About Xiomara Garcia

Deeply passionate about providing each individual the means to attain the perfect home, Xiomara Garcia holds this assertion as her highest priority. Ms. Garcia, who has resided in Colorado since 1997, is known for her keen understanding of the local market. She believes everyone has special and unique requirements when searching for a new home or listing their existing one. “I am invested in my clients, and in order to optimally serve their needs, I study the latest market trends, and believe it is my duty to fully engage and listen to individual wants and desires.”

She works diligently to ensure each transaction is seamless and successful. Her genuine interest in real estate and architecture, and high affinity in providing exceptional service makes Xiomara a well-rounded real estate advisor.

When away from work, Xiomara enjoys camping with her family, travel, photography, snowboarding, and hikes throughout the Colorado Rockies.